Summer Ice in the South Island


The NZ Transport Agency is urging drivers to be aware over the next week of potentially hazardous ‘summer ice’ on South Island roads.

“There is some rain forecast across the country, and after an extended run of hot summer days, we may start to experience slippery road surfaces, sometimes known as summer ice,” says Journey Manager Lee Wright.

“Even a very small amount of light rain can make the roads very slippery. In fact, it can be more hazardous than heavy rain because grime and exhaust particles that have built up on the road take longer to be washed away. “The combination of light rain and summer grime creates a slippery film,” she says.

“We advise anyone who is driving in the rain or on a damp road over the next week to take extreme care. The slippery film on the surface of the road is invisible, so don’t assume it’s not there just because you can’t see it. “Increase your following distances, reduce your speeds and take extra care.”

She also urged drivers to check the tread level and air pressure on their tyres. “Properly inflated tyres with good treads are always a must for safe travel, but even more so in wet or slippery conditions.”

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