Transmission Gully update – 4 March 2022


Many of the remaining safety and quality assurance tests required under the Public Private Partnership (PPP) contract to allow Transmission Gully to open are close to being finished.

To facilitate an earlier than otherwise possible road opening, Waka Kotahi has agreed to defer 19 outstanding quality assurance tests that were originally required under the contract to be completed prior to the road opening, leaving a total of 81 tests required.  Waka Kotahi has also agreed to reduce the requirements for a further 30 assurance tests. These 19 deferred and 30 reduced assurance tests will all be completed to the contractually agreed standards after the road opens to traffic.  

At 3 March 2022, CPB HEB, the company subcontracted to build Transmission Gully, has had 63 of the 81 remaining safety and quality assurance tests accepted as meeting the required standards. Eighteen assurance tests are outstanding -  15 with reduced requirements, and three with no change to the contractual requirements for road opening.

All three remaining consent tasks have been submitted to Greater Wellington Regional Council for certification or confirmation.

Waka Kotahi is not prepared to compromise on the long term safety of the road but we are working to balance this along with the road’s reliability, safeguarding the public from any future financial liability for defects not remedied now, while doing everything we can to ensure people can use this vital transport connection as soon as possible.

Once the road opens, Waka Kotahi will start paying Wellington Gateway Partnership (WGP) for construction, operation and maintenance of the road. WGP have financed the project and have contracts with CPB HEB to build the road and with Ventia to operate and maintain the road.