Transport Agency reports on progress towards priorities


The NZ Transport Agency has released a set of key results for the second quarter of the 2013/14 financial year, reporting against the agency’s five key strategic priorities.

The five priorities for 2013 to 2016 are aimed at helping the Transport Agency achieve its long term goals and create transport solutions for a thriving New Zealand.

Priority one - putting customers at the heart of our business is about finding ways to deliver services that people value and to make it easier for them to make smart travel choices. The Transport Agency measures its progress in this area by tracking the proportion of staff who use customer feedback to help improve services.

  • 2016 target = 81%
  • Q2 2013/14 = 76%

Priority two - making the most of our urban network capacity is about keeping the wheels moving in our main cities. The Transport Agency currently measures productivity of the Auckland network to track progress in this priority area. Productivity is measured in terms of vehicle speed and flow on the network. The higher the productivity percentage value, the more productive the road network is due to both speed and flow being maintained at near optimum values (i.e. near free flow speed and full capacity). 

  • 2016 target = 68% to 70%
  • Q2 2013/14 = 63%

This measure will be expanded to cover other cities in the future.

Priority three - moving more freight on fewer trucks aims to improve the efficieny of moving freight, reducing the cost of doing business and growing the economy. There are also significant safety benefits for everyone who uses the road. The Transport Agency tracks success by measuring the percentage of heavy truck trips made by high productivity motor vehicles.

  • 2016 target = 30%
  • Q2 2013/14 = 15%

Priority four - safe speeds to reduce deaths and serious injuries aims to reduce road trauma significantly by encouraging safer travel speeds. The aim is to significantly reduce the number of annual deaths and serious injuries on open roads (roads with a speed limit of 80-100km/h).

  • 2016 target =
  • Q1 2013/14 = 1,245

Not all crashes for Q2 2013/14 have been reported.

Priority five - efficient road maintenance investment and delivery aims to drive value for money and improve performance in maintenance, operations and renewals throughout the country. A more robust, effective way of working will reduce costs and encourage innovation in managing local roads and state highways. Success is measured in terms of savings in spending required for maintenance and operations of local roads and state highways.

  • 2016 savings target = $210m
  • Q2 2013/14 savings estimate = $61m

Find out more about each priority and detailed results of progress against targets in our second quarter report(external link) and Statement of Intent(external link).

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