Transport Agency shares plans for improving SH10 Waipapa intersection


The NZ Transport Agency and Far North District Council are inviting the public to hear their plans for improving the transport network in Waipapa, Bay of Islands.

The two organisations have developed a preferred solution which includes changes to the intersection of State Highway 10 and Waipapa Road and an extension of Kilnac Lane.

The plans will be shared during an open day on Thursday 1 June. The community is invited to join the project team who can answer questions and explain the plans. The open day will be held at the Waipapa Hall on Loop Road between 3pm and 6.30pm.

“The changes we’re proposing are designed to provide more direct links to the township, reduce travel times and create a more resilient  transport network in the area,” says Northland Highway Manager Brett Gliddon.

The preferred option is to install a single lane roundabout at the intersection to reduce peak time congestion and vehicle queuing and will make it easier and safer for vehicles to turn right from State Highway 10 and out of the side roads.

“The proposed roundabout design will help slow traffic on the highway through the township, making it safer and more appealing for pedestrians and cyclists.”

Plans for the construction of a local road extension at Klinac Lane will also provide more route choices and improve journey time reliability.

“There’s been significant growth in Waipapa and Kerikeri with the SH10 Waipapa Road intersection now seeing an average of 13,000 vehicle movements each day. That’s why we starting work now to improve this key transport connection for tourism, primary industries, local workforces and communities,” says Brett Gliddon.

“SH10 is part of the Twin Coast Discovery Route providing access to significant tourist destinations and an integrated transport network is vital to improve safety, reduce congestion and support continued economic growth for the region.”