Transport Agency thanks local community for input on SH58 safety upgrade


The NZ Transport Agency has thanked the community for their insightful feedback following two public information days about proposed major safety improvements to SH58.

Transport Agency Wellington highways manager Rod James says the project team spoke to more than 250 members of the public at two information days held in Porirua and Upper Hutt over the last week.

Mr James says attendees have expressed broad support for the proposals, which the Transport Agency released earlier this month in conjunction with Porirua City Council, Upper Hutt City Council and Hutt City Council.

“Understandably there are a range of views, and listening to these will help us to refine and sharpen our current proposals.  Local insight is invaluable, because nobody knows this stretch of road like the local community.

“It’s really encouraging that one theme came across loud and clear – there is universal support for major safety improvements on SH58.

“We were privileged to hear some very passionate, thoughtful, and articulate views that will help us to develop the best possible package of solutions.”

Some of the themes that have come through included views on changing the speed limit, bus safety, cycle safety, and some suggestions for improvements at the Flightys/Murphys Road intersection and the intersection of SH58 and SH2.

Mr James says that while support for a wire rope median safety barrier is overwhelming, local residents and businesses are interested in how this might affect access to properties and businesses.

“We know that wire rope barriers save lives and prevent injuries, but we recognise that we also need to find the right balance between safety and access.”

Mr James says final decisions on the wider package of work are expected to be announced before Easter, with detailed design to be carried out before the end of the year. Construction would then follow, subject to funding availability.

However, work on the western section, currently operating under a reduced speed limit, is due to commence in December.  This first-stage work involves straightening the road, installing 700m of wire rope safety barrier to protect motorists from head on collisions, and improving drainage to maintain the road’s integrity, as the stream has washed away its foundations.

The Transport Agency is still seeking feedback – people can email Details of the proposals are online at link)


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