Transport Agency to meet Christchurch City to resolve Cranford Street

While disappointed by a Christchurch City Council decision earlier this week not to support a project to four-lane Cranford Street north of Innes Rd in its Long Term Plan, the Transport Agency says it will continue working with the Council to resolve this matter.

Transport Agency Chief Executive Geoff Dangerfield says this project is a critical component of the Northern Motorway extension to improve access and ease congestion into the central city from northern parts of Christchurch and further afield.

“We hope to meet with the council to discuss these issues as soon as possible. Everyone involved needs to get around the table and give it their absolute best effort to find a way through this situation. The future of an efficient, safe and resilient transport network for Greater Christchurch is at stake.”

Mr Dangerfield says Christchurch Urban Development Strategy  partners including Christchurch City Council have worked well over the past 2 years to progress consenting for Christchurch City Council transport projects, including northern arterial extension and  Cranford Street upgrade. We have worked closely with council management and council over this time on developing an agreed plan for the strategic transport network, including the Cranford Street upgrade and Northern Arterial extension, and this late U-turn by Council came without any warning.

The Transport Agency had agreed in principle with Council to advance fund the council projects, to ensure the total network improvements could be delivered efficiently through one contract, and had anticipated subject to receiving all the necessary resource consents starting construction in 2016.

Mr Dangerfield says Urban Development Strategy partners are working cohesively to provide a better transport network for Christchurch, and will draw on those  good relationships, to navigate through this unexpected speed hump on the road to achieving that goal.