Transport Agency welcomes two-stage introduction of WoF changes


The NZ Transport Agency is welcoming today's announcement by Transport Minister Gerry Brownlee that the introduction of vehicle inspection changes, agreed to by Cabinet in January this year, will be introduced in two stages beginning in January 2014.

The Minister has confirmed that from 1 January 2014, light vehicles first registered anywhere between 2004 and 2008 will move to annual, rather than their current six-monthly warrant of fitness inspections. Once on annual inspections, vehicles will remain on that frequency for their lifetime.

From 1 July 2014:

  • annual inspections will be extended to include all light vehicles first registered anywhere on or after 1 January 2000
  • new vehicles will receive an initial inspection, another one when they’re three years old, then annual inspections for their lifetime
  • the extended variable frequency range for certificate of fitness inspections will also get underway. This will see the frequency for certificate of fitness inspections on heavy vehicles expanded to three to 12 months from the current three to nine months.

There is no change for light vehicles first registered anywhere before 1 January 2000.  They will remain on six-monthly inspections for their lifetime.

Transport Agency Chief Executive Geoff Dangerfield said the changes would not require motorists to do anything different.

“People should take their vehicle in for inspection at its next due date as per usual. Following a successful inspection, the inspector will assign the appropriate date for the vehicle’s next inspection."

Mr Dangerfield said the changes to warrant of fitness inspection frequency would be supported by a public awareness campaign.

“The campaign will aim to remind people they have a responsibility to ensure their vehicle remains roadworthy at all times, not just when it’s due for an inspection. The campaign will get underway later this year and is likely to use a range of channels including advertising, a website and brochures to reach motorists. It will be supported by focussed police enforcement activities,” Mr Dangerfield said.

The Transport Agency will continue to work with vehicle inspection industry stakeholders on plans to introduce the new system.

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