Tree deaths suspicious near Mosgiel


Three large and established eucalyptus trees have died in the Kinmont road reserve area near Mosgiel, south of Dunedin. They will be felled in coming weeks.

“An independent investigation has revealed that these trees were intentionally drilled and poisoned,” says Nick Rodger, Coastal Otago Maintenance Contract Manager, NZ Transport Agency.

“The actions of the person or persons who have done this are extremely disappointing,” says Mr Rodger. 

The trees in question, circled, as viewed from the highway:

Tree deaths suspicious near Mosgiel

The Transport Agency wants to let the Mosgiel and Kinmont Park community know that the trees currently do not pose a safety hazard to users of the Kinmont Reserve or to road users on the adjacent State Highway 1.

The Reserve will be closed to the public while the trees are felled.

“The trees were well established and were a key feature of the reserve area, which is managed by the Transport Agency.  They were also being retained in the upcoming landscaping project due to start in the next couple of months.

“While the installation of new plants will start in the next couple of months, preparations are underway to remove unhealthy vegetation and prepare the garden beds.  People can expect to see work being undertaken in the reserve areas around the SH1 / SH87 junction,” Mr Rodger says.

The poisoned and dying eucalyptus trees:

The poisoned and dying eucalyptus trees

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