Update on stink bug-impacted vehicle imports


The NZ Transport Agency has provided the following information to the vehicle import industry in relation to stink bugs.

There will be disruption to the importation of new and used vehicles from Japan for several weeks and we have been advised that the Ministry for Primary Industries, which is the lead agency on the stink bugs issue, is keeping the industry updated.

We are aware there some importers importing used class MA vehicles (over 2000 cc) in advance of a change to electronic stability control (ESC) requirements, whose vehicles are affected by the stink bugs issue. If these importers can provide evidence that their vehicles have been affected and cannot be border checked before 1 March, an exemption to the new requirements may be possible. Evidence will need to be provided and VIA has offered to facilitate this process.

There will be pressures on inspecting organisations to process a large number of vehicles once normal shipping resumes. The Transport Agency encourages inspecting organisations to plan ahead for the resumption of vehicles arriving in New Zealand but we will be actively monitoring inspections to ensure standards are maintained.

We have developed some Q&As about this issue. [PDF, 622 KB]