Winter weather closes State Highway 63 St Arnaud and State Highway 6 Kohatu to Kawatiri Junction


Bad weather and snow have closed State Highway 63 between Renwick and St Arnaud.

Update 11:45 am:

State Highway 63, Renwick to St Arnaud is now open.

This means all previously weather-affected state highways in the upper South Island are now open to traffic.

However, while the highways are open, driving conditions remain hazardous. Road users must drive accordingly and allow extra time for their journeys.

Update 10:40 am:
State Highway 6, Kohatu to Kawatiri Junction, has now reopened to all traffic.

Driving conditions on the route are challenging. Road users must watch their speed and following distances, be prepared for road hazards, and allow for longer travel times.

In the lower North Island, bad weather continues to affect State Highway 2, Remutaka Hill, but the road remains open.

Winter driving conditions. SH2 Remutaka Hill.

Contractors are working hard to reopen State Highway 63 between Renwick and St Arnaud. However, this is weather-dependent and a precise time for a reopening can’t be given at this time.

Winter driving conditions apply across the regions. Roads are slippery and black ice may be present in some areas. Drivers must take extra care on the roads and check weather and highway conditions before they travel.

Update 8:50 am:

Snow has seen the closure of another State Highway in the top of the South Island this morning.

State Highway 63 remains closed between St Arnaud and Renwick. Access is being provided for residents, but the highway remains closed to all other traffic.

State Highway 6 has now been closed from Kohatu to Kawatiri Junction

It means there are no direct routes between Marlborough/Nelson and the West Coast

Contractors are working hard to clear and reopen both roads but sweeping snow from the highways and gritting roads surfaces will take some time. More bad weather will also delay this work.

Road users must avoid both areas and delay their travel.

Snow on SH63.

Meanwhile, snow is also falling on State Highway 2, Remutaka Hill. The road is currently open but could close at short notice.

Snow on SH2 Remutaka Hill.

Winter driving conditions apply across the regions and road users must take extra care. They should also check weather and road conditions before travelling.

6:40 am:

Bad weather and snow have closed State Highway 63 between Renwick and St Arnaud.

It means people traveling between Blenheim and the West Coast must detour via State Highway 6 and Nelson.

Drivers must avoid the area or delay their journey.

Winter weather conditions are affecting all highways in the top of the South Island, meaning driving conditions are hazardous.

For people heading further south, other highways are also closed due to snow:

  • State Highway 7 - Springs Junction to Hanmer Springs Turnoff
  • State Highway 1 - Waitati to Dunedin(Leith Saddle)
  • State Highway 87 - Outram to Middlemarch

Road users must take extra care on the roads. Reduce your speed and avoid sudden braking – it only takes a split second to lose control in wet or icy conditions.

Bad weather can see roads closed at short notice. Please check road and weather conditions before your journey.