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We pay funds from the National Land Transport Fund (NLTF) through a claims process. Approved organisations for activities approved for funding in the National Land Transport Programme (NLTP) – city, district and regional councils – submit claims to receive funding assistance.

We follow much the same process in funding state highway activities, except that we pay contractors, consultants and service providers directly, based on certified invoices, certificates of work done or progress reports.

Go to the  transport investment online (TIO) portal(external link)

Types of claims

Approved organisations can make two types of claims.

Progress claims

Progress claims may be made monthly for all qualifying expenditure that is supported by appropriate evidence. Claims must be based on accrued expenditure (the estimated value of activities completed).

Final claims

Final claims are made for the cost of activities completed to 30 June (end of the financial year) within the approved allocation. The final claim must be based on accrued expenditure (the estimated value of activities completed to 30 June) and be supported by appropriate evidence certified by the chief executive of the claiming organisation or an approved delegate. This includes:

  • invoices
  • certificates of work done
  • progress reports.

Claim items are listed in accordance with the work categories in the NLTP.

How to submit a claim

If you're an approved organisation, you can claim for payment for approved transport activities through the internet. You need to appoint an authorised representative for your organisation – someone with the appropriate delegation to certify claims. We'll issue a secure password to that representative.

We require approved organisations to send monthly claims to our regional offices by the 7th working day of the following month.

As a minimum, you need to send your claims to us at the end of September, December and each month following, through to the final claim. We can vary this requirement for small work programmes.

We pay claims electronically within 21 days of receiving them. We'll advise you if our payment varies from your claim.

Find out more on our Planning and Investment Knowledge Base(external link)