Activity classes

Activity classes are defined in the Government Policy Statement on land transport (GPS) and are used to provide Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency with direction on funding allocations for types of investment. The activity classes are high-level groupings of outputs, eg walking and cycling improvements, local road maintenance.

Investment proposals must identify the correct activity classes and work categories as part of the inclusion into the National Land Transport Programme (NLTP) and funding approval process.

Below is an overview of the activity classes in the GPS 2021.

Activity classes summary [PDF, 146 KB]

We’ve produced guidance on the following activity classes in the GPS 2021:

Work categories

Activities that deliver similar outputs are grouped into work categories which help track expenditure by each category and type of output.

We’ve produced guidance on changes to the work categories associated with maintenance, operations and renewals continuous programmes and the public transport continuous programmes. More guidance will follow in the coming weeks.

2021-24 NLTP work category changes continuous programmes and renewals [PDF, 257 KB]

We’ve updated the work categories for Investment management (including transport planning) and Improvement activities. Some of the key items to note are:

  • that work categories can apply to one or more activity classes
  • the establishment of Road to Zero activity class
  • the establishment of separate activity classes for Public transport infrastructure and Public transport services
  • the updating of information resulting from lifting of low-cost, low-risk thresholds
  • information on new or improved bridges and structures.

2021-24 NLTP work category changes investment management and improvements [PDF, 509 KB]