This page relates to the 2021-24 National Land Transport Programme.


The National Land Transport Programme (NLTP) is developed every three years and is a key means by which we (Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency as investor) give effect to the latest Government Policy Statement on land transport (GPS). The GPS is also developed and reviewed on a three-year cycle. The NLTP provides contextual information on national and regional issues, priorities, committed activities from previous NLTPs and proposed activities. It prioritises the activities that approved organisations and Waka Kotahi (for its own activities)  proposed for investment from the National Land Transport Fund (NLTF) over a three-year period against the indicative unallocated funding available within the NLTF and within each activity class.

This is general information about developing programmes for the NLTP. You can find specific information about the development of the NLTP at the Waka Kotahi National Land Transport Programme news page  . This includes information on timelines and key dates. 

Latest NLTP news

Legislative requirements

Legislative requirements for developing the NLTP are set out in section 19  of the Land Transport Management Act (LTMA).

Land Transport Management Act 2003 , section 19(external link)

In summary, we (Waka Kotahi as investor) are required to:

  • adopt an NLTP by 1 September of the first financial year to which it applies
  • ensure the NLTP contributes to:
    • the purpose of the act
    • giving effect to the GPS
  • take into account:
    • regional land transport plans (RLTPs)
    • the national Energy Efficiency and Conservation Strategy 2017–22
    • relevant national policy statements and plans
  • ensure the NLTP includes matters such as:
    • an assessment against the matters covered above
    • a list of activity classes and their proposed level of funding
    • approved activities and other activities anticipated to be funded over the period
    • a statement of anticipated revenue and expenditure for the next 10 financial years.

Consultation and engagement

Consultation on activities included in the NLTP occurs through the RLTP consultation process. Section 18H of the LTMA obligates Waka Kotahi to provide opportunities for Māori to contribute to the organisation’s land transport decision-making processes. We will consult and engage with iwi on the NLTP in accordance with Hononga ki te iwi (our Māori engagement framework).

Hononga ki te iwi | our Māori engagement framework

Additional guidance material

For the development of each NLTP we prepare additional material to the guidance given in this knowledge base to clarify our expectations of programme and RLTP development and review, and to provide specific detail relevant to the development of the next NLTP.

You can find the additional guidance for the 2021–24 NLTP on the National Land Transport Programme page. This resource will be updated   with new guidance as the NLTP is developed.

National Land Transport Programme

NLTP process

You can find details of the process and steps for developing the NLTP on the following webpage.

Process for the National Land Transport Programme