This page relates to the 2021-24 National Land Transport Programme.


This page provides an overview of the requirements for New Zealand Police and Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency to prepare the Road Safety Partnership Programme (RSPP), which is funded from the National Land Transport Fund (NLTF). The RSPP is developed through a partnership involving NZ Police, Ministry of Transport and Waka Kotahi.

The RSPP is key action within the first action plan under the Road to Zero strategy. Road to Zero includes guiding principles for how we design the road network, make road safety decisions and sets our targets for 2030.

Legislative requirements

The RSPP is a statutory document prescribed in the Land Transport Management Act 2003 (LTMA).

In summary, the legislative requirements are:

  • Before recommending any police activities Waka Kotahi must consult with the Commissioner of Police and Secretary of Transport and be satisfied the activities contribute to the purpose of the act and are consistent with the Government Policy Statement on land transport (GPS).
    Land Transport Management Act 2003, section 18J(external link)

Requirements for programmes and activities 

We expect that NZ Police, like approved organisations and Waka Kotahi (for its own activities), meet a range of requirements when developing their transport programmes and activities.

2021–24 NLTP investment principles

Use of the Business Case Approach

We expect NZ Police to use the principles of the Business Case Approach for all activities proposed for inclusion in the National Land Transport Programme (NLTP). We also require them to use the Business Case Approach for all their transport activities.

Business Case Approach guidance

Evidence-based justification

All activities proposed for funding assistance under the NLTP must be supported by appropriate evidence.

NZ Police must provide evidence to enable the population of Transport Investment Online (TIO) fields and upload this as supporting information. It may include strategies, business cases, activity management plans, regional public transport plans and economic evaluation worksheets.

Transport Investment Online(external link)

Information requirements for activities

When developing activities, NZ Police must ensure they supply the information required to complete the fields in TIO relevant to the activity’s business case stage and its readiness for either NLTP inclusion or funding approval at the time of NLTP adoption.

Transport Investment Online(external link)

We expect NZ Police to monitor the impacts of their land transport investments with either centralised data or local data when centralised data is not available. NZ Police need to select benefits and measures relevant for their activities and agree on these with us. The benefits management section of InvestHub provides links to guides and manuals to provide instruction on how to fulfil the benefits requirements.

InvestHub(external link)


We expect NZ Police to optimise their programme of transport activities when they develop them for funding from the NLTF. This includes ensuring the RSPP takes account of optimisation occurring across the Road to Zero activity class to ensure we deliver on the Road to Zero strategy and its target of a 40% reduction in deaths and serious injuries by 2030.

Road to Zero

At a programme business case level, this involves determining the best mix of interventions, the sequencing and scheduling of their components and relative scale of the components to achieve efficient allocation of resources over time and best value for money.

Profiling and prioritisation

In preparing our advice to the Minister of Transport on road policing activities proposed for funding from the NLTF, we must take account of the matters set out in the LTMA section 22G. We will also apply the Investment Prioritisation Method to the activities to be presented to the minister for funding approval, to ensure these activities are considered on a basis consistent with that used for prioritising investments for the balance of the NLTP.

2021-–24 NLTP Investment Prioritisation Method

Investments in the RSPP are not prioritised against other activities in the NLTP. In our advice to the minister on whether to approve the RSPP and its funding we will comment on the effect of these decisions on the wider NLTP programme and its contribution to achieving priority outcomes of the GPS.


The steps outlined below provide detailed information on how to develop the Road Safety Partnership Programme.

Process for the Road Safety Partnership Programme