We (Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency as investor) have mapped high-level processes for managing the 2021-24 National Land Transport Programme. These process maps were designed to help create transparency around how we approve and manage our funds and include links to teams and any delegations. You can find the process maps below.

Note: the maps are slightly outdated. 

All organisations

Funding approvals and funding variations process [PDF, 514 KB]

Approved organisations

Approved organisations - continuous programmes (public transport,road safety promotion,maintenance, operations and renewals) process [PDF, 308 KB]

Approved organisations - low-cost, low-risk process [PDF, 305 KB]

Approved organisations - emergency works process [PDF, 603 KB]

Approved organisations - claims process [PDF, 340 KB]

Approved organisations - programme monitor workflow [PDF, 160 KB]

State highways

State highways - management of maintenance, operations and renewals programme process [PDF, 320 KB]

State highways - emergency works process [PDF, 540 KB]