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Arataki tells the national story of our land transport system and is made up of three pan-regional and 14 regional, place-based summaries. These summaries are framed by five step changes where we see there is a need for change over and above maintaining base levels of service. The step changes respond to six key drivers which are trends that influence the choices we make today and in the future. All of these inform what we need to do across six levers, either directly or in partnership, to deliver the government’s objectives for the land transport system.

Arataki V2 includes an assessment of the potential impacts and opportunities of COVID-19 on New Zealand’s land transport system, regional economies and communities.

It also provides more insights about the role that technology and data will play over the next decade, as a key driver that influences the choices we make.

We welcome your questions, feedback and meeting requests. We acknowledge the high level of uncertainty about the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, and will continue to monitor the impacts, produce evidence and update Arataki as things change.  We will also mature other aspects of Arataki including incorporating a Māori lens; completing an action plan for improving connections and movements of freight across the land transport system and developing thinking about base levels of service and performance of the network (beyond step changes). You can email us at