Arataki is being developed as a shared sector view of how we need to plan, develop, and invest in the land transport system during the next 30 years. This version of Arataki provides a strong foundation for us to have ongoing conversations with our partners and others to co-create the plan. Arataki provides direction that will guide how we'll work together during the next 30 years to deliver the future land transport system needed to keep Aotearoa New Zealand moving. 

To support positive wellbeing and great places to live in Aotearoa New Zealand, the transport sector will need to focus less on the physical movement of people and goods (mobility), and more on safe, sustainable access to keep everyone connected. This shift will require integration with digital, urban development, energy, and other related systems. 

Arataki September 2023 v1.1 updates the March 2023 release to reflect the severe weather events of 2023 and make minor corrections. This includes a new climate change adaptation lens added to the Lenses section and updates to the Strategic context.

For the full guidance of Arataki, see the Strategic context and Lenses documents. 

Arataki strategic context [PDF, 5.4 MB]

Arataki lenses [PDF, 17 MB]