We are currently working through the development of a high-level planning process to support 10 year network planning. ONF works as a key input as the classification tool for the Future Network Planning Process.

The Future Network Planning Process should bring together the land use and transport strategies, identify strategic objectives and network principles, identify the future strategic modal networks, modal trade-offs and the performance gaps that need to be closed to deliver strategy. This informs planning, investment and operational decisions.

The future network view can be used in the development of activity management plans, district plans, long term transport plans, and the development of business cases. Many urban areas have already done this through network operating frameworks (NOF).

Utilising the ONF as the classification tool for the Future Network Planning Process creates a holistic approach to better classify, plan, manage and operate the transport network, while explicitly linking transport to the adjacent land uses to achieve the future intent of the strategy’s goals.

Watch our webinar to learn more about how to classify your future networks using the One Network classification tool, and how this information can support the transport and investment cycle.