The introduction of the ONRC several years ago changed the game for transport asset managers. The upgrade to the ONF widens the usefulness of this classification tool even further, taking account of other modes and bringing in new safety, environmental or ‘customer experience’ focused performance measures for things like pedestrians or cyclists.

It gives a clear set of performance measures and significantly improved the ability to report consistently on them. ‘Place’ focused measures allows Asset Managers to take account of community amenity outcomes to drive things like asset renewal cycles too, helping with greater integrated asset management across Council functions.

The levels of service help to identify issues and operating gaps on corridors, and drives greater efficiencies in renewals, minor works and maintenance programmes. The aligned improvements in tools and templates in RAMM also add a lot of value and reduced time and effort from a compliance sense. As such the ONF is a core tool in asset and activity management planning (AMP) processes. The ONF’s Street Categories also help tell the investment story in AMPs to stakeholders.

The ONF is a key tool in investment decision-making, activity management planning, and network performance monitoring.

The ONF can assist with:

  • establishing the link between the transport system and its contribution to community outcomes and wellbeing
  • facilitating a value for money approach, ie enabling and supporting evidence-based decision-making of investment in transport
  • determining the appropriate levels of service transport system assets should be delivering, and how this links to customer outcomes
  • providing a means of practically measuring asset performance and condition, to allow assessment against expected levels of service
  • providing a way of assessing the effectiveness of investment in maintenance and renewals, linking to justifiable funding applications.


“The ONF helps us to build our evidence and programme confidence in our investment and day to day delivery. It helps align service delivery via multiple contracts in the same place i.e. drainage, spraying, grading.”

Ruapehu District Council

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