The ONF can be used in safety planning, speed management and design. The Kiwirap safety rating in the current ONRC classification system is already a key tool used by safety engineers to determine appropriate options for safety interventions and speed management on the country’s state highways.

Having a wider range of safety outcomes in the ONF’s service outcomes and performance measures that support all modes, contexts and places will help embed Road to Zero principles and Safe System outcomes into the heart of all planning processes, right from the start. Subsequent planning stages and decision-making points can build upon these principles, rather than trying to design out harm later.

For example, referring back to a corridor’s ONF classification and levels of service/performance measures will help Safety Engineers tier and consider appropriate options for safety treatments, set speed limits and guide the selection of key temporary measures in Traffic Management Plans (TMPs).

The ONF can assist with

  • Establishing the link between the transport system and its contribution to safety outcomes
  • Guiding speed management analysis and planning
  • Ensuring appropriate standards are used in the design of the network.