About Road Efficiency Group Te Ringa Maimoa

Our vision

An enabled transport sector that supports connected communities to thrive.

Our mission

Partnering with the sector to build tools and guidance that enable trust, confidence and value in transport investment.

The Road Efficiency Group Te Ringa Maimoa (REG) is a collaborative initiative between Local Government NZ, NZ Transport Agency Waka Kotahi and all road controlling authorities. Our programme helps roading managers understand government requirements so they can make the best investment decisions for their communities.

This partnership was formed in 2012 to implement the recommendations of the Road Maintenance Task Force. Over time the programme has evolved from a focus on technology-based solutions to a group that nurtures people through our membership and workshops. 

The success of the programme has been a genuine partnership promoting a ‘for the sector, by the sector’ philosophy. The programme aims to address high variability in service and costs across the country through helping road controlling authorities become better procurers and providers of regional roads and services. Our work groups build tools and guidance based on quality comparative data and robust activity planning.

'Transport is complex, both in its own right and within local government. The REG programme supports people within the sector to navigate these complexities by creating tools and guidance that enable smart investment in our communities.’

Murray Burt
REG Governance Group
Director Infrastructure and Place, Auckland Transport

Our Māori name – Te Ringa Maimoa

Te Ringa Maimoa means ‘the hand that is always behind the scenes nurturing the people.’ This name speaks to the values and spirit of the programme, emphasising our role as supporter of both the people and tools used in the transport sector.

The name Te Ringa Maimoa was a koha (gift) from Te Mātangi, the Māori partnerships team at Waka Kotahi.

Unsure how to pronounce Te Ringa Maimoa correctly? Here are audio clips for each element of our name:

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