The Road Efficiency Group Te Ringa Maimoa (REG) works closely with our partner organisations and key stakeholders across both central and local government. The goals and benefits of the programme come from a strong alignment in policy direction, legislative expectation and objectives with our partners. Our focus is a connected and maturing transport sector working together to ensure the best outcomes for communities.

Our co-design philosophy is key to ensuring the tools and guidance we create are relevant to the sector. The REG work groups are made up of experts from across the sector, including urban, rural and regional councils, so we can be responsive to changing needs across the country.  

There are many challenges facing the transport sector, including rising costs and the impacts of climate change. By working together to support roading managers to make smart investment decisions, the REG programme is helping to connect communities.

REG partnership model

‘At Local Government NZ we are very proud partners of REG. We were delighted to be able to celebrate ten years of the programme in 2022. Ten years is a long time and it’s a testament to the efforts of people in the sector and the service you provide your communities, in both good times and challenging times.’

Scott Necklen
REG Governance Group
Deputy Chief Executive, Local Government NZ