Working towards excellence in transport and activity management

  • Benchmark your team’s performance across eight key areas.
  • Identify your team strengths and opportunities for improvement.
  • Agree what transport excellence looks like for your team.
  • Develop a clear starting point for your improvement planning.
  • Create a pathway towards building a culture of trust, cooperation and continuous improvement.

Underpinning any high performing team is trust, cooperation and the willingness to grow and improve over time. The Excellence Programme and assessment help transport teams start or continue this journey.

The Excellence assessment gives your team a clear understanding of their performance across eight critical areas of business and transport delivery – your business/team systems, evidence and data, communication, decision making, service and benefit delivery, people and culture, and the tools that are in place to monitor quality improvement.



The assessment process is led by our team of assessors, who are experienced facilitators.

Following a self-assessment and external assessment your team will receive a report with your overall excellence score as well as current and target scores for the eight performance areas. Recommended improvement actions provide a starting point for your improvement planning.


View larger diagram [PDF, 99 KB]


Completing the assessment offers a strong foundation to grow capability, with a clear performance benchmark and goals to work towards over time. Additional Te Ringa Maimoa tools and guidance are available for improving key areas, such as activity/asset management planning, procurement, stakeholder communication, data quality and asset performance reporting.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Excellence Programme or booking an assessment for your team, please email

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