The Differential Levels of Service (DLoS) project is a Te Ringa Maimoa foundation initiative that responds to one of the original Road Maintenance Task Force outcomes. The DLoS Framework builds on work done by early adopters of the One Network Framework (ONF) at Waikato District Council, and consultation and optioneering done by Wairoa District Council.

Project outcomes

The DLoS Framework aims to provide:

  • better evidence for transport investment decision makers
  • a consistent way of describing transport levels of service across the sector
  • alignment of community outcomes through to performance measures
  • streamlined optioneering and consistent differentiation using ONF
  • a robust connection between service, cost and risk.

Applying the DLoS tool

Here are some examples of RCAs using the DLoS tool to right-size their investment bids.

Total cost scenarios

Programme options

Dynamic budget scenarios

Changing programmes