Te Ringa Maimoa Excellence Programme is based on a comprehensive set of standards that facilitate an organisation’s journey towards excellence in transport activity management.

The framework used in the Excellence Programme has been developed by the sector, for the sector. Application of this framework highlights the relationships between the drivers of performance and the desired results, with a strong focus on community outcomes and the delivery of benefits.

The Excellence Programme supports longer term investment confidence and will support an organisation to meet Local Government, Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency, ISO standards and IIMM requirements. This framework will help an organisation enable a step change in transport sector capability, provide leadership in improvement of transport outcomes, and shift the culture of transport investment to proactively address future challenges and improve decision making around wellbeing outcomes.

The Excellence Programme helps organisations identify potential problems and undertake necessary improvements to get back on track. It provides participating organisations a pathway toward excellence, identifies opportunities, helps prioritise improvement, and benchmarks performance against peers.

It has been developed to allow Road Controlling Authorities (RCAs) to complete a self-assessment, based on the same criteria as the external moderator to better understand and identify gaps in ‘enablers’ that drive excellence and ‘outcomes’ that deliver excellence.

Measuring the performance of RCAs’ enabling systems and the outcome achievement levels allows decision makers, asset managers, and policy analysts to make better informed decisions about current and future transport activity management programs.