Why the focus on data quality?

The Data Quality Project (DQP) helps the sector to improve the quality of New Zealand roading-related data to enable customer focused investment and support evidence-based decision making. Good quality data and evidence are essential when making effective decisions, whether as a leader or in an operational role.

There are four components we consider when thinking about effective decisions:

  1. Quality data – how data quality can be improved to support more effective decisions and reporting
  2. Systems – are easy to use when capturing data and evidence, removing barriers to input and therefore lifting quality and quantity of inputs to improve sector intelligence gathering
  3. Community engagement – is essential at different points in the activity and business case cycle to test your thinking and ensure you've shared the story
  4. Evidence – takes on qualitative as well as quantitative forms. Your evidence should be fit-for-purpose based on the work you're undertaking; not too narrow to appear like you're working to a pre-defined solution, and not too wide to lead to project inertia.

Effective decision-making applied

Effective decision-making when applied to Activity Management Plans, single activities and programmes of work looks slightly different as there are different outcomes to be achieved for each of them. Understanding the role of data, evidence, systems and community engagement within a maintenance programme compared the requirements of a strategic case allows you to make better decisions about the level of effort required to develop an effective plan or business case.

Effective decision making


Building your evidence base and robust data provides you with an improved feedback loop post service delivery. The stronger these are, the more informed and consistent your decisions will become over time. The better your information sources, the easier it becomes to understand when in the cycle they are essential or just worth considering, and then judging how valuable they are in informing your decisions.

The DQP overview factsheet provides you with a systems-based view of the different components local authority and national government agency strategic decision-makers, and operational managers need to consider within a process flow. The types of information they need to consider have a slightly different focus but are complementary and aligned.

Download the DQP factsheet [PDF, 5.4 MB]

DQP overview diagram