EVRoam is a live database of Aotearoa New Zealand’s electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure.

It collects real-time information from all safe and monitored public charge points around New Zealand, and freely distributes it through various apps and websites.

This lets EV drivers know the charger location and availability. For those chargers with automated data, it also shows if the charger is available to use or in use. This means drivers can confidently plan their journey.

You can find an EV charging map of charging stations in New Zealand or find EV chargers on a particular route using our journey planner.

EV charging station map(external link)

Journey Planner(external link)

Waka Kotahi and energy industry collaboration

Led by Waka Kotahi, EVRoam is a world-first collaboration with our energy industry that accelerates New Zealand’s transition to zero-carbon transport. 

Our vision for New Zealand’s nationwide network of public EV chargers is that it is safe, reliable and interoperable, meaning all EV drivers can use all chargers. The nationwide network consists of smart, plug-type standardised chargers that are remote-monitored by charging operators and energy suppliers for resilience.

View the video to find out why the energy industry and our EVRoam partners decided to get involved:

We worked with the energy industry to develop guidelines for public charging infrastructure. EVRoam ensures these standards by freely distributing the information from public charging infrastructure that meets these guidelines.

National guidance for public charging infrastructure

EVRoam also enables a clear picture of how and where New Zealand’s EV charging network is developing. It makes it easier to be a charging operator – even a one-off installer, eg a shopping centre, can be promoted through dozens of channels using EVRoam, as long as the chargers meet the guidelines.

This means we’re opening up the range of transport choices that people can make, which creates better choices for New Zealanders and contributes to a zero-carbon transport for New Zealand.


Contact us

If you are a charging station operator and would like to integrate with the EVRoam database, or if you are interested in applying the outward API from EVRoam into your products, email environment@nzta.govt.nz