What is EVRoam?

EVRoam is live cloud-based database built from real-time information from electric vehicle (EV) public charging infrastructure around New Zealand.

It pulls information in from energy suppliers and charging operators, and then pushes data out to a wide range of customer-facing websites, apps and maps.

How does it work?

EV chargers are managed remotely by operators to ensure they are working, and available for EV drivers. Charging operators have integrated this with the EVRoam database, to provide data straight from the source, in real-time. Data in EVRoam is then shared to others such as mapping providers, apps and websites.

Why has EVRoam been developed?

Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency has a responsibility to monitor the development of the public charging infrastructure network.

Initially, this monitoring has been done by way of manual updates to a static database. However, the concept and value of a real-time data feed which could be widely shared via third parties was quickly recognised by Waka Kotahi. Our partners were quick to agree and their goodwill and collaboration has been critical in the development of EVRoam.

What’s the value of EVRoam to the public?

EVRoam has a direct integration with charging providers to provide live information. It only shares out information on charging infrastructure that meets government guidelines, such as using a network management software to remotely manage the machines, and have a consistent plug type so all vehicles can use all chargers.

This means drivers can be confident they know where chargers are located and whether they are able to be used, and reassured they have the ability to use the charger due to the consistent plug type.

Has something similar been done in other countries?

This is a world-first in a public-private partnership for EV charging. No other country has a single source of truth for public charging infrastructure which is stewarded by the government, but which has been developed with energy suppliers and charging operators.

As far as we are aware, Norway is the only other country which provides a single source of truth for public EV charging infrastructure, but this is regulated by the government and many of Norway’s public EV charging infrastructure is owned by the government rather than private entities.

Who are the partners who have been involved?

EVRoam is already collecting information from dozens of operators around New Zealand, including Vector Energy, Contact, Counties Power, Alpine Energy, Central Lines, Network Tasman, Orion, Unison, Horizon, and ChargeNet – whose network partners include Aurora, Top Energy, Electra, Waipa Networks, Wellington Electricity, Electronet, Mainpower, Westpower, NorthPower, Foodstuffs, PowerCo, Auckland Transport, The Lines Company and Z Energy.

What websites and apps are currently using EVRoam data?

EV charging information is now available via our website and journey planner via the NZ Automobile Association and on TomTom. In the near future, it will be available on Google Maps and through in-vehicle satnavs.

View the EV charging station map on Journey Planner(external link)

Is there likely to be other websites, apps and maps using EVRoam in the future?

Yes, EVRoam has been developed with the intention to freely distribute the information to maximise the profile of EV charging infrastructure for drivers.

How has EVRoam been funded?

EVRoam was developed in 2018 as part of the Waka Kotahi EV programme out of the National Land Transport Fund.

Does EVRoam provide information about whether a charger is in use?

EVRoam provides a data set that lets drivers know if a charger is able to be used or is out of operation. This means EV drivers can plan their journeys – which we know is important, especially when they are outside of urban areas.

Technology changes rapidly in this area, and EVRoam has the agility to incorporate new information to keep pace with the growth in the number of EVs we have on the road in New Zealand.

What’s the difference between EVRoam and other websites and apps which provide EV charging information and locations?

EVRoam is a direct integration with charging providers to provide live information. It only shares information on charging infrastructure that meets government guidelines, such as plug type and DC charging, so drivers can be confident they can use the charger. Being remotely managed, it is immediately obvious whether the charger is operational or offline.

This data provides real-time information about New Zealand’s safe, reliable and interoperable public charging infrastructure network. It provides reliable data for others, such as the NZ Automobile Association and TomTom, in a way that crowd sourced data cannot. This, in turn, gives drivers the confidence to roam the nation and reduce any anxiety about where the next useable EV charger might be.

Why are some chargers not in EVRoam?

EVRoam has data on charging infrastructure from all the founding participants, who represent the vast majority of public charging infrastructure around New Zealand.

All charging operators, and those which come into the EV public charging market in the future, can use EVRoam to promote their chargers to customers as long as their chargers meet the Waka Kotahi guidelines for a safe, reliable and interoperable public charging network.

Chargers that don’t meet these guidelines are not included in EVRoam. The reason for this to ensure that when drivers arrive at a charger, they can be reassured that the charger is working and that the charger will fit their vehicle.

Contact us

If you are a charging station operator and would like to integrate with the EVRoam database, or if you are interested in applying the outward API from EVRoam into your app, website or satnav products, contact us on environment@nzta.govt.nz