There are three broad types of electric vehicle charging infrastructure:

  • Public
  • Restricted
  • Private

The following definition of public charging infrastructure has been used as the basis for this guidance:

Charging infrastructure which is:

  • publicly available
  • intended for use by the public and
  • intended for charging an electric vehicle.

Public charging infrastructure includes:

  • roadside charging stations
  • charging stations in public places or commercial facilities open to the public, for example service stations and tourist attractions, and
  • charging stations in open car parks, for example commercial buildings or Park & Ride.

Public charging infrastructure excludes:

  • charging stations in restricted areas, or where it is clear that the charging facility is not intended for public use
  • sockets that are not installed with the intention of being used for electric vehicle charging, for example sockets used to provide power to caravans in camping grounds, and
  • charging provided by accommodation facilities, for exclusive use by their guests.