A range of collaborative projects is increasing opportunities to integrate planning across land use, transport and urban design decision making.

Integrated approach to planning (IAP) project

The IAP project seeks to address the gaps and barriers to achieving better integration within and between transport and land-use planning. This was one of seven transport sector strategic directions workstreams led by the Ministry of Transport.

Results of the project to date include:

  • the development of best practice and implementation guidelines

  • the establishment of an integrated planning team within the Transport Agency to:

    • provide strategic leadership

    • build inter-agency planning

    • improve awareness and skills

    • consider opportunities to streamline legislation.

A key role for us is supporting the development of integrated strategies, plans and packages to assist funding proposals. We’ll also assist, advise and cooperate with approved organisations. Effective and efficient implementation of this project involves us working collaboratively, both internally and with other government entities.

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