The New Zealand Household Travel Survey (HTS) is run by the Ministry of Transport.

Ministry of Transport New Zealand Household Travel Survey(external link)

Information for participants

Ministry of Transport’s Household Travel Survey is a continuous ongoing survey, it has been running for over 20 years. Households are randomly selected throughout the country. Households are sent an introductory letter before interviewers visit in person to recruit those who are present in the household at the time.

Once a household is recruited, the household is assigned two consecutive travel days, and the interviewer will organise to come back and interview them about the two days of travel. There is also the option of a paper form to fill out about the two travel days, if they are unavailable to be interviewed.

Household members aged 15 and over are given the option of a GPS logger to carry with them to record their travel, to assist with remembering their travel. This is optional.

Participation is not compulsory, but the Ministry of Transport and Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency greatly appreciate people’s help in doing the survey. It helps inform us of people’s travel needs and patterns, so we can provide better advice and analysis, and help people make better informed decisions about transport.

If you are recruited to participate in this survey:

  • the survey company is Reach Aotearoa (previously known as CBG)
    Reach Aotearoa(external link)
  • interviewers call at the house and should have ID
  • the survey company can be reached on 0800 478 783 (general contact number) or

Information for participants is available on the Ministry of Transport website(external link)

Waka Kotahi involvement with the Household Travel Survey

Waka Kotahi are collaborating with Ministry of Transport to significantly increase the number of households interviewed face to face throughout New Zealand. Waka Kotahi is building analytics capability and will soon be doing more analysis and reporting of HTS data for transport insights users.