Interchange at Pūhoi

Northbound motorists travelling to Pūhoi or the Old SH1 can use the left lane to exit the motorway at the off-ramp.

People heading north to Te Tai Tokerau (Northland) or Warkworth will continue on the new motorway to the Pukerito roundabout.

There are no exits on the new motorway after the off-ramp for approximately 17kms. If you miss your exit on the motorway, do not stop, reverse back or try to turn around – continue driving until the next exit at the Pukerito roundabout.

Drivers travelling north from Pūhoi village to Warkworth will continue to use the Old SH1 to get to their destination.

Motorists travelling south from Pūhoi or the Old SH1 can join the new motorway using the ramp for travel via the Northern Gateway Toll Road.

Pūhoi interchange map

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Pukerito roundabout

The northern end of the Pūhoi to Warkworth motorway connects with the existing SH1 between Kaipara Flats Road and Hudson Road at the multi-lane roundabout named Pukerito.

Motorists travelling north using the new motorway will take the left-hand exit and carry on to SH1 towards Dome Valley and Te Tai Tokerau (Northland). For northbound travel to Warkworth or the Matakana area, take the right-hand lane and turn right onto the Old SH1 and head south towards Warkworth town centre or Te Honohono ki Tai.

The roundabout provides a connection for southbound motorists wishing to travel to Auckland using the new motorway. The lane markings and signs will direct you to which lane to use. If you need to cross into another lane to exit, give way to any vehicles in the lane that you want to enter.

When coming up to a roundabout:

  • slow down as you come up to the roundabout and be prepared to give way
  • be in the correct lane for where you want to go
  • give way to all vehicles that will cross your path from your right as you enter the roundabout.

Pukerito roundabout map

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Connection to the Northern Gateway Toll Road

The new motorway seamlessly connects with the existing SH1 (Northern Gateway Toll Road) just north of the Johnstones Hill Tunnels.

There is no southbound exit from the new motorway before the Northern Gateway Toll Road. This means southbound motorists must choose the toll-free route using the “Old SH1” and Hibiscus Coast Highway before they join the new motorway in Warkworth.

The free alternative route will remain as it currently is for motorists heading north. Drivers wanting to travel via the free alternate route will continue to exit State Highway 1 at Silverdale onto the scenic Hibiscus Coast Highway and Old SH1.

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