Ara Tūhono – Pūhoi to Wellsford

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Project introduction

This project is to improve State Highway 1 between Pūhoi and Wellsford in the northern Auckland region.

  • Estimated project cost

    $100 million +


The Ara Tūhono – Pūhoi to Wellsford road of national significance runs approximately 38 kilometres through the Rodney area north of Auckland on State Highway 1. The project aims to extend the Northern Motorway (SH1) from the Johnstone's Hill tunnels just south of Pūhoi to a point north of Wellsford. Existing and anticipated future regional growth will provide opportunities for economic and social development in Northland and provide a better connection to Auckland for freight, tourism and motorists.


Ara Tūhono – Pūhoi to Wellsford road has a strategic role looking at connecting Auckland and Northland and looking to future regional growth, as well as improving the safety of the route and making journey times more reliable.

The objectives for the project are:

  • to enhance inter regional and national economic growth and productivity
  • to improve movement of freight and people between Auckland and Northland
  • to improve the connectivity between the growth areas in the northern Rodney area
  • to improve the reliability of the transport network through a more robust and safer road between Auckland and Northland.

Other benefits include reducing congestion during peak periods, and improving economic development and tourism opportunities in Northland.

Pūhoi to Warkworth

The 18.5km Pūhoi to Warkworth motorway is being delivered by the Northern Express Group (NX2) as a Public Private Partnership (PPP). It is now open.

For information about construction please visit NX2’s project website at link).

For information about the previous investigation, consenting and procurement phases of the project, please visit the Transport Agency’s project website  at link).

Warkworth to Wellsford

Investigations are underway on the Warkworth to Wellsford section, with an indicative route expected to be released for public consultation in early 2017.

For more information view the project website at link).

Ara Tūhono partners

  • Auckland Council

    Auckland Council is responsible for planning and managing growth across the Auckland region including the towns of Pūhoi, Mahurangi West, Warkworth and Wellsford. The Auckland Plan outlines a 30-year vision to make Auckland the world’s most liveable city. Find out more at link)

  • Auckland Transport

    Auckland Transport is responsible for all of Auckland’s transport services (excluding state highways) including roads, cycleways and walkways, bus, train and ferry services. They also co-ordinate road safety and community transport initiatives such as travel plans for workplaces and schools.

  • Hōkai Nuku

    Hōkai Nuku is the name chosen by the alliance formed in 2010 between the mana whenua of the Project area. “Hōkai Nuku” represents the concept of advancing forward in the quest for sharing knowledge with the people. This is also represented in the chant that depicts the deity, Tane, ascending to the heavenly realms in a quest to acquire the notional three baskets of higher knowledge.

    The alliance has mandated representatives from mana whenua Ngāti Manuhiri, Ngāti Mauku/Ngāti Kauae representing Te Uri o Hau, Ngāti Rango representing Ngāti Whātua o Kaipara and Ngāti Whātua iwi. Principally, Hōkai Nuku is the collaboration on the Ara Tūhono – Pūhoi to Wellsford Road of National Significance (RoNS) Project.

    Aside from providing cultural advice to the Transport Agency and their technical advisors on the Ara Tūhono – Pūhoi to Wellsford Project, Hōkai Nuku collaborates on cultural, social, environmental and economic issues of mutual benefit and engages in partnerships with local and central government agencies.

    Hōkai Nuku committee members are:

    • Ngāti Manuhiri – Mook Hohneck and Ringi Brown

    • Ngāti Whātua – Tame Te Rangi

    • Ngāti Mauku/Ngāti Kauae – Ben and Thomas deTheirry,

    • Ngāti Rango o Kaipara – Tracy Davis and Haahi Walker

    • Kaiwhakahaere (Manager) – Gena Moses-Te Kani.


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