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Project Introduction

A package of Twin Coast Discovery Route business cases, totalling up to $6.25m, funded out of the Provincial Growth Fund (PGF). Funding these out of the PGF provides the opportunity for the Transport Agency and our partners to progress these as a cohesive programme for Northland.

  • Estimated project cost

    6.25 million (PGF funded)
  • Project status


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Background to business cases

The Twin Coast Discovery Route is a key component of Northland’s visitor economy. The Northland Economic Action Plan (NEAP) recognises the Twin Coast Discovery Route as a key tool for unlocking regional economic growth.

The Twin Coast Discovery Route is also an integral connector for the communities whose businesses and jobs relate to tourism, and who use the network for business, leisure and commuting on a daily basis.

The Twin Coast Discovery Programme Business Case 2017 (PBC) recommended a range of projects and initiatives to address the following challenges:

  • safety
  • resilience
  • conflict between different users – freight, locals, coaches, cyclists
  • legibility of road and places
  • limited off road cycle facilities
  • stopping places.

Business cases

Seven business cases have been completed across the Twin Coast Discovery Route. Two are state highway corridor specific, one business case is looking at improvements to townships and four are regionwide:

  • SH11 Kawakawa to Puketona.
  • SH12 Rawene to Katui Road.
  • Integrated Northland Cycle Plan.
  • Passing and overtaking opportunities.
  • Stopping places and rest areas.
  • Wayfinding signage.
  • Township improvements (Awanui, Horeke, Moerewa, Dargaville, Kaikohe, Kawakawa, Rawene, Kohukohu).

PGF funding for the Twin Coast Discovery Route was for the development of the seven business cases only and each project will require further funding for implementation.


The outcomes sought for the Twin Coast Discovery Route, through the delivery of seven businesses cases include:

  • improved safety – reduced frustration and overtaking crashes
  • improved safety – better signage and wayfinding
  • improved visitor experience – amenity and enriched memories
  • increased visitor spend
  • seasonal diversification
  • resilient and safe access
  • better integration of SH12 with Omapere and Opononi
  • resilient access to Paihia, Waitangi and the Bay of Islands
  • improved journey time reliability.

Indicative timeframe

The business cases have been completed, and are published below.

Completed business cases

  • Wayfinding Implementation Plan [PDF, 5.3 MB]
    The Wayfinding Implementation Plan recommends a programme of work that is expected to improve the quality of visitor experience by making it easier and more comfortable to navigate Northland attractions.
  • Northland Integrated Cycling Implementation Plan [PDF, 1.6 MB]
    The Northland Integrated Cycling Implementation Plan builds on the Northland Walking and Cycling Strategy, to recommend a programme for the implementation of trails which aim to contribute to the region’s economy by improving the infrastructure and experience of the trails.
  • SH11 Kawakawa to Puketona [PDF, 16 MB]
    The SH11 Kawakawa to Puketona business case recommends a programme of work to improve safety, access and connectivity along the corridor, by both building physical infrastructure and implementing services to improve travel choice.

  • SH12 Rawene to Katui Road [PDF, 7.6 MB]
    The SH12 Rawene to Katui Road recommends a programme of works to improve safety, experience and resilience along the corridor.

  • Northland Passing and Overtaking Opportunities [PDF, 20 MB]
    The Passing and Overtaking Opportunities business case recommends a programme of works to improve the provision of passing and overtaking opportunities as a means of improving safety, access and reliability across Northland.

  • Northland Rest Area Strategy and Implementation Plan [PDF, 3.8 MB]
    The Rest Area Strategy recommends a programme of work to develop a high-quality network of rest areas across Northland, which will support safety and tourism in the region.

  • Northland Individual Township Improvement Plans
    Please contact the appropriate Regional Council for further information on the Township Improvement Plans.


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