Rimutaka Hill Road improvements

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Project Introduction

From September 2017, the Transport Agency is improving two short sections of highway on the northern side of the Rimutaka Hill Road, State Highway 2, between Wellington and the Wairarapa.

  • Estimated project dates

    Sep 2017–Nov 2017
  • Estimated project cost

    $273,000 and $250,000
  • Project type

    Road improvements
  • Project status


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The New Zealand Transport Agency is starting work to improve two short sections of highway on the northern side of the Rimutaka Hill Road, State Highway 2, between Wellington and the Wairarapa, from September 2017.

Half Bridge and safety barrier project

The first project is the construction of a reinforced concrete half bridge beneath the road and the installation of a new safety barrier, on a curve located on the Featherston side of the hill, approximately 3.5km north of the summit.  The new road will be slightly wider than the existing road, making the curve safer for road users.

  • How will travellers be affected?

    The work will require the closure of one lane through the work site.  Temporary concrete barriers will be installed along the work site to protect road users from the open excavation, where the road crews are working, and keep everyone safe.

    Please allow an extra 10 minutes of so for your journey.

    Works take place Monday to Saturday from 6am to 6pm.

    The work will require the closure of one lane through the work site.

    Traffic management will be in place day and night. A 20kmh speed restriction is in place.

    The southbound passing lane before the project site will be closed throughout the project.

  • Traffic signals

    Vehicles will be controlled by traffic signals that feature the latest technology able to adapt to peak traffic flows. They will be programmed to accommodate both the morning and evening peak flows. Traffic control staff will be on site 24/7 to monitor vehicles and ensure the safe passage of road users, including cyclists, through the work site. From Sunday night, 5 November, traffic signals will be replaced with manual stop go traffic management.

  • Over-dimension freight

    Over-dimension loads will need to make contact with the project team to sort out when they can safely travel through the work site. Companies can either contact our Palmerston North permitting office, 0800 683 774 frr@nzta.govt.nz or work through their local Road Transport Association or Heavy Haulage Association representative to determine when loads can be moved.


Corner widening project

The next project will be 400 metres towards the summit, to widen one of the narrowest corners on the Rimutaka Hill Road.

The road will be widened by three metres at the narrowest point and requires the removal of 2700 cubic metres of soil and rock from the hillside. Once the earthworks are complete, crews will start constructing the new road surface.  The project will finish with the installation of a new guardrail.

  • How will travellers be affected?

    The two project sites will run in tandem and be managed by one roadworks closure, under manual stop go traffic management.  Please drive carefully through both work sites and stick to the temporary speed limit.

    During the earthworks, the road will be down to one lane only with vehicles controlled by traffic lights.

    During the final stages of the project, stop/go traffic management will be used.

    Applications to move over-dimension and wide loads will need to be assessed before a permit is issued.


Project contacts

Half bridge and safety barrier project

Glen Prince
Email:  glen.prince@nzta.govt.nz
Mobile: 027 223 1728

Corner widening project

Jerrell Bagsic
Email: jerrell.bagsic@nzta.govt.nz
Mobile: 021 329 103