SH2 Remutaka Hill road night closures

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Project introduction

State Highway 2 over the Remutaka Hill road closes for its annual maintenance and slip prevention work on various nights between January and June 2024. The schedule is available on this page. The highway may have to close at other times for emergency works, weather or accidents.

  • Estimated project dates

    Jan 2024–Dec 2024
  • Project type

    Road maintenance

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Remutaka Hill closures until June 2024

Number of nights

Start 9pm

Finish 4am


Sunday 19 May
Sunday 26 May

Friday 24 May
Friday 31 May


Sunday 16 June

Friday 21 June

Escorted crossings

Light vehicles can be escorted over the hill at certain times behind a pilot vehicle – check the booking form for these times. Bookings are essential and should be made using the form below. Heavy vehicles, such as semi-trailers, cannot be escorted over the hill during the closure.

Remutaka Hill closure escort booking form(external link)

Please direct any additional enquiries to

Access will be available for 'flashing light' emergency services throughout the closures.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work to make the road safer.

Why is the road closed?

The SH2 Remutaka Hill road is the main artery linking the Wellington and Wairarapa regions, with an average of 7,219 vehicles using the road daily.

Of these, around 256 use the road between 9pm and 4am. With the nearest detour route over 100km away, effective maintenance of the road is critical for both the Wellington and Wairarapa communities.

The safest and most efficient way to maintain the road, is to close it. This avoids more frequent disruptions and helps keep our crews safe.

Following consultation in 2019, we found the best way to carry out maintenance work was to do block closures and we will continue to do this in the future to keep the road safe.

We plan block closures well in advance, and for the first half of 2024 we have two 10-day closures and two 5-day closures.

Detour route

The only detour is via State Highways 1, 57 and 3. As this is very long detour, we advise vehicles to travel early if possible or book an escorted crossing. There will be detour signs in place during this time.

Travelling from the Hawkes Bay?

Vehicles travelling from the Hawkes Bay region needing to head south of the Remutaka Hill should detour at Woodville and travel via Ashurst to get to State Highways 3, 57 and 1.

What roadworks are completed during closures?

There is a lot of work that takes place during the Remutaka Hill road closures. Taking full advantage of the road closure, we schedule as much work as possible to avoid other disruptions while the road is open.

  • Slip prevention works

    Rockfall protection work is carried out to protect the road from slips which can cause major disruption. This work involves clearing vegetation and loose rocks and then installing netting which is designed to catch loose material as it falls.

  • Maintenance works

    Maintenance work we complete on the hill is one of the most important things we do to keep the hill safe. We schedule as much maintenance work as possible during each closure. At any time during the closure there could be up to 100 crew members doing a variety of activities. This includes:

    • asphalt resurfacing
    • fixing potholes
    • road marking
    • mowing and landscaping
    • road inspections
    • drainage inspections
    • guardrail repair works
    • signage maintenance
    • edge marker post maintenance
    • sump clearance
    • road sweeping (includes litter collection, channel clearance etc).
  • Safety improvement works

    New side barriers at high-risk locations, along the Remutaka Hill will be installed. Also more motorcycle under-barriers will be installed, to improve safety for motorcyclists. The improvements include improved road signage and road markings too.


Crew operating a milling machine along the Remutaka Hill.

Crew installing an under barrier which are designed to protect motorcyclists if they crash.