SH2/SH25 Mangatarata to Katikati speed review

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Project introduction

We want to make your roads safer for everyone who uses them. Between 2010 and 2019, 21 people died and 95 were seriously injured on SH2 from Mangatarata through to Katikati. We are reviewing the current speed limits want to make sure that speeds are safe for this road.

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    Speed review

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Speed limit consultation

Between March and April 2021 we engaged with local communities, mana whenua, key stakeholders, councils and road user industry groups about the current speed limits on State Highway 2 between Mangatarata and Katikati.

From 14 November to 12 December 2022, we consulted on proposed changes to speed limits along this stretch of state highway, as part of an Interim State Highway Speed Management Plan. We’re considering feedback from this consultation alongside existing information to finalise the interim plan, and will share an update in early 2023.

Interim State Highway Speed Management Plan

What we know

There are concerns from the community about the speed people are travelling along this road and through the towns of Ngatea, Paeroa, Waihī and Katikati. The current speed limits are not safe for the way people use the road.

Our priority is to make this a safer stretch of road as soon as possible so that everyone living on and using State Highway 2 can get where they are going safely.

One way we can do this is reviewing the current speed limits, but we need your help to make sure we’ve got it right.

We know local people know their roads best. Let us know what you think about speed on this road. Does it feel safe for the way people use it? Is it affecting your community?

We will take the feedback we get from you and others who use or live along this road into account when we look at possible changes to the speed limits.

Mangatarata to Katikati speed review brochure [PDF, 2.1 MB]

Why safe speeds are important

  • Safer speeds are safer for everyone.
  • Even when speed doesn’t cause a crash, it is what will determine whether anyone is killed, injured, or walks away unharmed from that crash.
  • As your speed increases, you have less time to react.
  • When speeds are safe for the road, simple mistakes are less likely to end in tragedy.
  • A small change in speed can make a big difference to the outcome of a crash.
  • The speeds on a road impact how safe other road users feel to walk, bike, or travel with their children on that same road.

Community engagement

Locals know their roads best, so we asked for your feedback on the current speed limits.

Community engagement was held between 22 March and 26 April 2021.

We’ll use your feedback to recommend what speed limits are best for these roads and then formally consult with you.

Read the community engagement summary [PDF, 788 KB]

How speed reviews work

Find out more about speed and the speed review process