SH6 Middle Renwick Road/Tancred Cres roundabout

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Project Introduction

We are making safety improvements to SH6 between Woodbourne and Springlands. As part of this project, we will be installing a roundabout at the Saint Leonards Road and Bells Road intersection. We are also planning on installing a second roundabout at Tancred Crescent and SH6 intersection.

Project background

The road on State Highway 6 (SH6) between Woodbourne and Springlands, in Blenheim is an undivided two-lane highway. This road provides a range of important access to the Marlborough Airport, schools, businesses, and healthcare facilities. It is also a route used by transport operators to move freight across the Marlborough area and connect to other state highways.

Between 2015–2019 there has been 14 crashes on this section of road, 12 of these at the intersections we are constructing roundabouts, and two of these classified serious crashes.

The project includes two roundabouts. One roundabout installed at the St Leonards Road and Bells Road intersection. We are also planning on installing a second roundabout at Tancred Crescent and SH6 intersection. Tancred Crescent provides access to the Marlborough Airport.

To make sure people are safer at the Jacksons Road intersection, an Intersection Speed Zone (ISZ) is proposed to be installed. This is within the Interim Speed Management Plan which is running as a separate project and approval for the ISZ has not been confirmed.

Interim State Highway Speed Management Plan

  • Why roundabouts?

    Roundabouts make it easier for people by simplifying decision making and reducing the impact of errors people may make. With one clear direction to focus on, it’s easier for people to choose the right time to enter the flowing traffic.

    Everyone slows down as they approach the roundabout, which encourages safe and alert behaviour. Everyone is prepared to potentially stop and give way.

    Roundabouts can reduce the number of people killed or seriously injured because they significantly reduce the chance of head on, and side impact crashes and vehicle speeds are lower. While crashes may still happen, they are less likely to result in people being killed or seriously injured.


Construction timing, detours and road closures

The construction of a new roundabout on SH6 at the intersection of Bells and St Leonards roads was completed in May 2024, slightly ahead of schedule. 

We are now starting the work for the SH6/Tancred Cres roundabout, which is the intersection into the Marlborough Airport.

Work to relocate services and build a temporary road for exiting the Marlborough Airport started on 10 June.

During this work there will be shoulder closures, lane shifts (contraflow) and stop/go traffic management. The stop/go traffic management will be in place from 10 June to 12 July, from 7am to 5pm.

From the 15 July to early December, State Highway 6 will be closed in ONE direction. The section of State highway 6 will be closed between Jacksons Road and Caldwell Road West. People will not be able to travel from Nelson/Renwick into Blenheim using this section of State Highway 6.

People travelling from Nelson/Renwick into Blenheim, or the airport will need to take a detour. The detour will be via Old Renwick Road and Jacksons Road for light vehicles.

For people wishing to access the airport, the route is via a left-hand turn off State Highway 6 via Tancred Crescent. People exiting the airport should use the left-hand turn onto State Highway 6 through the newly constructed temporary road.

People travelling from the airport, wanting to go into Blenheim, will need to take SH6 towards Renwick, onto SH63 and right turn onto Anglesea Street, right turn onto High Street/SH6, onto Old Renwick Road and right on Jacksons Road.

Heavy vehicles will need to take the same route to Anglesea Street, then left onto Boyce Street and onto SH6. Right onto Rapaura Road/SH62, right on Jacksons Road and back onto SH6.

All businesses along State Highway 6 are vital parts of the community. They will remain open and accessible during the project, and we encourage everyone to continue supporting them while construction is underway.

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Construction of the roundabout is in four stages, with the first stage starting from 5 August to 19 September. The first stage involves working on the southwestern lane of the roundabout.

Stage 2 should start around the 19 September and will be focused on building the west lane of the roundabout.

Stage 3 will start in early November, with the final stage (stage 4) starting in December. We are aiming to complete the roundabout by 19 December.

Overnight road closures are planned in mid-December for final sealing for both roundabouts, SH6/Tancred Cres and SH6/Bells Road/St Leonards Road roundabouts.

In late January 2025, we will come back to the SH6/Tancred Cres roundabout to finish planting.

  • Further information

    Works will take place during the day between the hours of 7am and 7pm. Generally, works will be undertaken on weekdays with some weekend work as required. 

    We will keep you updated as we move through each stage. 

    For your safety and the safety of our road crews, please drive carefully and follow the direction of traffic management. On behalf of Waka Kotahi, thank you in advance for your patience while we do this important work in your community. We apologise, for any inconvenience this work may cause you. 

    Residents close to the work site may experience some noise, lights, and vibration while the work is being undertaken. We will do our best to minimise disruption where possible and appreciate your understanding. 

    Emergency services will be always accommodated. 

    If you would like to speak to someone before or when work is in progress, please call us. 

    • Fulton Hogan Marlborough Office 03 578 0055