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Why did you have to set new speed limits?

Waka Kotahi has reviewed the speed limits on this route as it was one of the highest risk roads in the region.

Each day around 11,500 vehicles travel between Hope and Brightwater, and 8,500 travel between Brightwater and Wakefield. With further developments happening in the area, traffic is expected to increase.

Between 2009 and 2018 there were a total of 98 crashes, including 17 serious crashes, on this section of SH6. Three people were killed, and 18 people were seriously injured in these crashes.

What are the new permanent speed limits?

Location Current speed limit
New permanent speed limit (km/h) from 30 July 2021
Hope Township. Existing 70km/h area, from approximately 320m south west of Norman Andrews Place to approximately 800m south west of Ranzau Road East. 70 60
Hope to Brightwater. Existing 100km/h area, from approximately 800m south west of Ranzau Road East to approximately 300m south west of Clover Road West. 100 80
Brightwater Township. Existing 80km/h area, from approximately 300 south west of Clover Road West to approximately 380m south west of Ellis Street. 80 NO CHANGE
Brightwater to Wakefield North. Existing 100km/h area, from approximately 380m south west of Ellis Street to approximately 440m north east of Bird Lane. 100 80
Wakefield North. Existing 70km/h area, from approximately 440m north east of Bird Lane to approximately 310m north east of Franklyn Close. 70 60

View larger image [PDF, 371 KB]

How were those limits decided?

The speed review process involves numerous steps that help determine the speed limits we proposed at consultation.

The first step is completing a technical assessment which considers the road itself, the traffic volumes, the crash history, and the way people are currently travelling on the roads.

Following the technical assessment, we undertook informal engagement with road user groups, members of the public, local councils and the Police. The feedback we received from engagement helped to determine if and what we would formally consult on for proposed speed limit changes.

During consultation we asked the community and road users for submissions on any external factors, we may need to be aware of. The consultation period ran for four weeks. Once consultation closed, we analysed the submissions and reviewed our technical assessment.

The consultation for the proposed speed limit changes is not a vote, it is about seeking valuable local and community input so that we can consider wider factors and context into our decisions.

For more information about how we reached these decisions, please read our consultation summary report.

Consultation summary report [PDF, 570 KB]

How many crashes have happened on the route?

Between 2009 and 2018 there were a total of 98 crashes, including 17 serious crashes, on this section of SH6. Three people were killed, and 18 people were seriously injured.

Even when speed doesn’t cause the crash, it’s what will most likely determine whether anyone is killed, injured, or walks away unharmed from that crash. As your speed increases you have less time to react. When speeds are safe for the road, simple mistakes are less likely to end in tragedy.

Did you consult with the public on these changes?

Yes. In November and December 2020, we consulted with the public on the proposed permanent speed limits. We received 236 submissions. You can read our consultation summary and view the submissions.

Consultation summary report [PDF, 570 KB]
Consultation submissions [PDF, 21 MB]

Why is the speed limit not changing at the Ellis Street and River Road intersection?

We will be leaving the speed limit at 80km/h as proposed during consultation. We will be carrying out some further investigations on this intersection and will include a more in-depth assessment of the speeds being driven through this intersection to determine if any future changes are needed, for example an Intersection Speed Zone.

The further investigation includes the following steps:

  • Intersection tube count surveys at the SH6 / Ellis Street intersection
  • The tube count surveys will capture entry and exit speeds at the intersection
  • The first survey was undertaken in early April 2021, to understand the existing speed profile through this intersection. Additional surveys will be completed following the speed limit changes to understand whether future changes to speed around this intersection are required.
  • The outcome of this survey will determine if or what any further steps will be.

When do the speed limit changes come into effect and how are the public being notified?

The new speed limits take effect on 30 July 2021.

The public will be notified of the new permanent speed limits through the newspaper, on the radio, on the Waka Kotahi website, and on social media.