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Project introduction

Shaping Future Dunedin Transport is a collaborative partnership between Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency, Dunedin City Council and Otago Regional Council to improve how people move into, out of and around central Dunedin.

Thanks for your views

25 Sep 2020

Many Dunedin residents took the opportunity to tell us how they want Dunedin’s transport network to be in the future through Shaping Future Dunedin Transport engagement. Feedback has now closed. Thank you for your ideas and comments, these are greatly appreciated. A summary of what you told us is in the public engagement report. We will be back in touch once our other technical studies are complete in early 2021 with the next steps for this project.

Summary of public engagement report
View what others had to say

  • Estimated project dates

    Nov 2019–Mar 2021
  • Estimated project cost

    $450,000 (first phase)
  • Project type

    Study & Investigation
  • Project status


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About the project

We are undertaking an investigation (development of a Programme Business Case) to determine whether significant change to the central city transport network is a possibility, including a change to the one-way state highway system.


Dunedin’s central city transport network has functioned largely unchanged for about 50 years and presents several barriers to people coming into and moving around the central city.  The current one-way state highway system bisects the central city and there can be conflict between users of the road environment and pedestrian environment. New developments, particularly the construction of a new hospital, presents an opportunity to consider whether the network is appropriate for the medium and long term.

Key features

The Transport Agency, Dunedin City Council and Otago Regional Council are working with organisations such as the new Dunedin Hospital team and the University of Otago to create a business case for the future of Dunedin’s central city transport network that can evolve as the city changes and as developments take shape. The business case will include reviewing the use of State Highway 1, to understand how to improve safety and connections and create more options for car free travel. It is an important time, and whether you cycle, walk, ride the bus, scoot around or drive; everyone has a part to play to make the most of the changes that are coming to Dunedin to create a prosperous and vibrant city environment.

In early 2020, there will be more opportunities for the community to get involved and tell us how they want Dunedin’s transport network to be in future.


  • June 2020 - ongoing engagement with the community.
  • Second half of 2020 - further opportunities for the community to provide feedback. (Stakeholder engagement started in late 2019).
  • End of 2020 - Programme Business Case completed.
  • 2021 - design, consenting, procurement work and any physical work needed to align with early new hospital build works.
  • Post 2021 - substantive project work expected to start.

Future street scene

Project partners

The collaborative transport partnership between Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency, Dunedin City Council and the Otago Regional Council is known as Connecting Dunedin. As this project continues, you will see us working together under this name.


Connecting Dunedin