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Project introduction

Safety improvements on State Highway 57 (SH57) from the SH1 intersection to Heatherlea E Road include a new roundabout at the Queen St/SH57 intersection, edge barriers, and wider centrelines. Plus, a review of the speed limits on SH57 from SH1 to Shannon.

  • Project type

    Safety improvements, Speed review
  • Project status


Project updates

December 2020 update – additional SH57 safety improvements

Earlier this year, we shared proposals for safety improvements on State Highway 57 as we work to improve the safety of the road through the Safe Network Programme.

Since our engagement period in July and August 2020, we have conducted thorough technical and safety reviews of our plans before we move to construction. This is to ensure we get the best safety improvements possible within the scope of the project.

Following community feedback and these technical reviews, we’ve identified the opportunity to provide further safety benefits through additional stretches of side barriers to protect from hazards such as tree trunks and culverts.

This additional stretch of side barrier is mostly on the opposite side of the road to the barrier already proposed. The existing road seal will be widened to accommodate all proposed safety improvements, and there will be a minimum of 1.5m between the side barriers and the outside of the traffic lane. On areas where side barriers are on both sides of the road, there will be 1.5m on both sides. This is in addition to the widened painted centrelines, which will provide more space between the lanes of traffic.

Map showing proposed side barriers for SH57 and the wide centrelines.

Proposed side barriers for SH57 are shown in orange. The green line indicates wide centrelines and the yellow circle is the Queen St/SH57 (Arapaepae Road) roundabout.

The next step for the project is final confirmation of funding and seeking tenders for construction. The final scope will be confirmed at this stage.

If you are interested in discussing the newly proposed side barriers further, or would like to give some feedback, email

Proposed changes

We plan to make the following safety improvements:

  • Build a roundabout at the Queen St/SH57 intersection to reduce speeds and make it easier for you to choose the right time to enter flowing traffic.
  • Install stretches of edge barriers to prevent vehicles hitting something much less forgiving, like a power poles or drainage ditches.
  • Widen the centrelines to provide greater separation between vehicles. The existing road seal will be widened to accommodate the safety and infrastructure and improve the overall integrity of the road.

These safety improvements fit within the existing highway corridor and are a continuation of the safety improvements further north on SH57 completed in early 2020.

Community input will help fine tune the safety improvement designs. Construction is expected to begin this summer and take approximately 18–24 months to complete.

Safe speeds

Alongside these safety improvements, we are reviewing the current speed limits on SH57 between SH1 and Shannon to make sure they are safe and appropriate for this road. Regardless of the cause of a crash, speed is most likely to determine whether anyone is killed, injured or walks away unharmed.

Engagement with the community helps us get feedback and local knowledge on how you use the road and your concerns. The feedback gained helps us determine if and what proposed speed limit changes will be formally consulted on.

Previous safety improvements

We completed similar safety improvement work on SH57 between Heatherlea E Road and Graham Road in early 2020 as part of the SH57/SH1 to Shannon project.

Safety improvements on SH57 are part of the wider Ōtaki to north of Levin programme of works which included delivering the new Ōtaki to north of Levin highway within the next decade.

SH57/SH1 to Shannon project details
Ōtaki to north of Levin programme of works

Project Contacts

Ōtaki to north of Levin project team –
More contact info
  • Phone: 0508 625 4636
  • Alternatively you can write to us:
    Ōtaki to north of Levin Project Team
    Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency (Level 5)
    Private Bag 6995
    Wellington 6141