SH57 safety improvements – July 2022

Road layout changes SH57 / Queen Street East roundabout

On Wednesday 6 July the traffic flow around the SH57 / Queen Street East intersection will change so we can build the north and west areas. The posted speed is still 30km/h.

The new layout at the roundabout means:

  • the temporary bypass road will change to one lane, northbound only.
  • people heading north on SH57 will detour 650m on the temporary bypass road via a right turn at the roundabout, left turn into the temporary bypass road and a right turn to rejoin SH57.
  • people travelling south on SH57 and in both directions on Queen Street East will use the new roundabout

We will monitor the flow of people detoured north and use additional measures to help manage traffic if necessary. All local roads remain open, and we suggest using alternative routes during peak travel times.

Roadside safety barriers

The SH57 sections of Kimberley Road and Arapaepae South Road, Levin have been widened to accommodate the installation of safety infrastructure and improve overall safety of the road. The map below shows the location of new side barriers (orange) and painted wide centrelines (blue).

SH57 Kimberley Road

On Monday 4 July, we will install side barriers on sections of Kimberley Road. Our contractor will work in the widened road shoulder with sections of Stop/Go traffic management on Kimberley Road for approximately two weeks.

If you have any questions, please email or phone 0800 685 528.

The 1.5-metre-wide shoulder and painted wide centrelines will provide more space for vehicles to pass another vehicle that is slowing or stopped on the shoulder without moving into the opposing lane.

Kimberley Road safety barriers

Roadside safety barriers are highly effective in preventing people dying or being seriously injured in crashes on the road. They reduce the risk of run-off road crashes by stopping vehicles before they hit something more damaging – like a power pole, tree or drain.

If you have any questions, please email us at or phone 0800 68 55 28.