NZTA Wellington Transport Alliance is undertaking major rehabilitation and reconstruction work on State Highway 2, High Street, Carterton from early June 2024. Work will happen for approximately 5 weeks, weather permitting.

The works will be between Rhodes Street and south of Andersons Line, during the day and night, 24 hours a day – this is to get the work done as quickly as possible.

This section of the road is in poor condition and has reached the end of its life, so it’s important for the safety of everyone who uses the road that this work is undertaken. The road must be excavated to a depth of around 360mm with a new structural asphalt base laid.

Once completed, the works will significantly enhance the strength of State Highway 2 High Street, making it more resilient to potholes and traffic damage and safer for all road users.

The works are going to be heavily and unavoidably disruptive for the Carterton community and SH2 users in the Wairarapa. There will be detours in place and access and noise impacts for residents and businesses within this area. Residents and businesses who are heavily impacted will be communicated with directly.

Roadworks schedule

Construction will happen Sunday nights through until Friday afternoon. No works will be carried out Friday night until Sunday evening, however closures will remain in place 24/7 for approximately 5 weeks.

One side of the road will be worked on at a time. 

The approximate order of works is:

  • Northbound side of the road – we’ll start between Rhodes Street to Kent Street, followed by Kent Street to south of Anderson’s Line. This should take approximately 2-3 weeks, weather permitting.
  • Southbound side of the road – we’ll start between south of Anderson’s Line to Kent Street, followed by Kent Street to Rhodes Street. This should take approximately 2-3 weeks, weather permitting.

Road closure

One side of High Street will be worked on at a time during these phased works, day and night. The road closure points will be on High Street between Somerset Road and Park Road. Northbound traffic can drive through, but southbound traffic will need to detour – see below.

Vehicles will be allowed through the closure point to access houses and businesses where possible.

Access to High Street from the side streets will be closed at certain times, and vehicles will need to follow the detours to access High Street. These side streets include Rhodes Street, Kent Street, High Street North and Plimsoll Street.

See map below for road closure points.

Detours for vehicles driving south

For the duration of the works, all vehicles who are travelling south will need to take the detour via Somerset Road, Carters Line and Park Road. This will add a significant time to journeys, so please plan ahead.

Vehicles heading north can drive through High Street with speed restrictions in place.

View downloadable map [PDF, 710 KB]

Access for residents and businesses during the road works

When the works are happening directly outside residents and businesses, there will be no access available for vehicles to access certain properties for up to 5 days, day and night. Due to the nature of the works, it is unsafe for vehicles to drive over the road and through the works. We will manage access for residents and businesses if there is an emergency situation. Pedestrian access to properties is available and the footpath will be open. When access is unavailable to properties, vehicles will need to park down the road or down the side streets. We will be communicating directly with residents and businesses affected.  

If you are elderly, have a disability or mobility issues, please contact us so we are aware in advance to support you where possible.

Please contact us on to let us know.  

We appreciate that roadworks are inconvenient for neighbours, and thank the community in advance for their patience while we complete these major works.

View downloadable map [PDF, 34 KB]

Frequently asked questions

Why is one side of the road being closed 24/7 for up to 5 days?  
Because the road is getting a deep lift (road excavated up to 360mm) it isn’t suitable or safe for cars to drive across the road. Detours will be in place for all southbound traffic while the works are happening.  Northbound traffic can travel as normal at a reduced speed.

How often will workers be onsite?
The physical works will be completed both day and night for up to 5 weeks excluding the weekend, weather permitting. The works are basically 24/7 with a small change over between day and night shifts. The community and road users can expect to see road works, workers and traffic management 24/7.

Construction only takes place Sunday – Thursday nights, and Monday – Friday days. There will be no road construction between Friday night – Sunday day. The hours of night shift are approximately 9pm – 5am and the hours of day shift are approximately 8am – 5pm. Although there’s no workers on site between Friday evening and Sunday evening, there will still be a southbound detour 24/7 for up to 5 weeks.

What happens if there is rain? Postponement days? 
If we are not able to complete the work in the scheduled days due to poor weather conditions, we will need to extend the completion date. We will keep the community up to date on any changes to the end date. The 5 weeks works schedule includes planning for poor weather so we are hoping to complete the works in that time.

Will footpaths and pedestrians’ crossings be open?
Footpaths will be available at all times. There are no pedestrian crossings that will be affected during these works.  

How will HPMV vehicles and vehicles with over dimension loads get through the detour?
The detour route is suitable for HPMV vehicles and vehicles over the dimension load.

What’s happening to the carparks down High Street?
The carparks that are down High Street and close to the works will need to be closed off while these works are happening. People will need to park away from the works or down side streets off High Street that have public parking that people will be able to use.

Can emergency service vehicles travel through the work site?
Emergency services will be accommodated at the work site at all times. 

Why can’t this be done under stop/go traffic control?
If we do the work under stop/go, it will create queues all the way up the township in both directions and will highly impact traffic in both directions. One-way traffic with a detour is to ensure a smooth flow of traffic in both directions and therefore less overall disruption. Stop/go for this work would also encourage more poor driver behaviour.

Why is the detour route so long?
The detour route has been thoroughly assessed by traffic planners and the local council as the safest and most suitable detour route for all road users. Alternative roads such as Francis Line are too narrow to use and are therefore not safe.

Why is the detour for southbound traffic only?
For the overall flow of traffic in both directions along SH2, it is much better to detour southbound traffic only for these specific works. The reason we won’t detour northbound traffic is because it would create even more congestion in both directions. If northbound traffic did take the detour, they’d need to turn right at the Park Road roundabout, meaning all southbound traffic would need to give way, creating long queues for southbound traffic.

What are the impacts for residents who live along the detour route?
Residents will experience an increase in traffic in one direction only, which is all southbound traffic. Northbound traffic doesn’t need to detour and will travel SH2 as normal under traffic management. A 70km/hr speed limit and detour signage will be in place on the detour route.

What are you doing to make the detour route safe?
The detour route will have a reduced speed limit of 70km/hr for the duration of the works. The detour will be sign posted. Carterton District Council has approved this speed reduction and the speed limit is enforceable.

I live between Kent Street and south of Andersons Line, can I travel southbound on SH2?
Only northbound traffic is allowed through the road between Park Road and Somerset Road. So all residents between Kent Street and south of Andersons Line will need to travel north and take the detour if they need to travel south.

How do I get to the South Wairarapa Veterinary Services property?
In emergency situations, vehicles will be allowed access to the vet. In all other situations, people must take the detour route via Somerset Road, Carters Line, Park Road and then travel north back to the vet.

How late at night can I expect to hear noise outside my house?  
We aim to do the nosiest part of the work between 9pm and 11pm each night, but noise will be continuous throughout the works, 24/7.

How do I make a complaint if I am being disrupted by noise more than what is expected? Eg crews shouting 
If you have a complaint about the roadworks, please email