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Research Report 654 Social and distributional impacts of time and space-based road pricing

Published: | Category: Economic prosperity , Research programme , Research & reports | Audience: General

This report outlines a general framework that can be used to analyse the social and distributional impacts of road pricing in the New Zealand context and applies it to two hypothetical case studies of road pricing schemes in New Zealand cities. This framework attempts to bring together multiple dimensions of social and distributional impacts in a relatively accessible way to describe relevant impacts on households and individuals and communicate them to policy-makers and the public in a way that can inform the design of pricing schemes and mitigation measures. Keywords: equity, road pricing, social and distributional impacts

Research Report 651 Identifying freight performance and contextual indicators

| Category: Economic prosperity , Research programme , Research & reports | Audiences: General, Heavy vehicle operators

This research identified eight freight indicators which can be used to understand the performance of the freight sector. The use of indicators in the freight sector is a substitute for ‘perfect information’ and while technological developments and improvements in the capture and synthesis of data may get us closer to this state, the freight sector is not yet at this point. The proposed suite of freight indicators were identified through desktop analysis combined with broad stakeholder consultations and a clear focus on the mutual issues that ‘matter’. It is hoped that by focusing on mutual issues of interest, these indicators will endure inevitable changes in policies, technology and market dynamics. This durability will ultimately enable trends to be tracked and monitored over time and give the sector one source of the truth.

Research Report 659 Urban transport modelling in New Zealand – data, practice and resourcing

Published: | Category: Economic prosperity , Research programme , Research & reports | Audience: General

Household Travel Survey data is an essential component of building a transportation model. The New Zealand Ministry of Transport (MOT) has recently embarked on a rolling programme of annual surveys. This research project confirmed that, with some changes, the data collected in the surveys was adequate to build existing model forms currently being used and would be suitable if tour-based or activity-based transportation models were to be built in the future, noting that sample sizes in the MOT survey would need augmenting for this purpose.  

As part of the project a stocktake of current models was undertaken, as was a short survey of the public sector transport modelling resource in New Zealand. The study concludes with suggestions for topics of future research. Keywords: household interview, transport models, travel behaviour

Erratum - 8 October 2019
Table 2. 6 page 17 and tables 2. 8 and 2.

Research Report 665 Valuing freight transport time and reliability

Published: | Category: Economic prosperity , Research programme , Research & reports | Audience: General

This research was undertaken to address a knowledge and data gap in transport economic analysis on the value of freight travel time and reliability. Values have been developed from this research and will be included in the Waka Kotahi Economic Evaluation Manual (EEM).  

The information will assist the planning and development of business cases to improve the transport system, recognising the value of improvements in reliability, frequency of services and loss/damage to freight in transit. These values will support multi-model analysis of improvements to the transport system. Keywords: contingent valuation, economic evaluation, freight transport, New Zealand, service frequency, stated preference (SP), transport investment, transport reliability, travel time, value of reliability (VoR), value of time (VoT), willingness to pay (WTP)