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He Pūrongo Whakahaumaru Huarahi Mō Ngā Iwi Māori | Māori road safety outcomes report

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This research report looks at understanding road safety outcomes for Māori.

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Me mahi tahi tatou mo te oranga o te katoa
We must work together for the wellbeing of all

Our vision is for an Aotearoa New Zealand where no one is killed or seriously injured in road crashes. The release of He Pūrongo Whakahaumaru Huarahi Mō Ngā Iwi Māori (Māori Road Safety Outcomes Report) is a proud step towards achieving this vision. 

In December 2019 Road to Zero, New Zealand’s road safety strategy 2020 to 2030, was introduced. The strategy sets an interim target to reduce deaths and serious injuries on our roads by 40% by 2030. It provides an outline of how we will approach road safety challenges over the next decade and hold ourselves to account to save lives and meaningfully reduce trauma. 

An action within Road to Zero is to better understand road safety outcomes for Māori. We take a ‘Safe System’ approach to road safety and by making roads and roadsides, speeds, vehicles and road use safer, we support better outcomes for anyone travelling Aotearoa roads. The changes we make across the transport system help everyone, but we know we could be doing more to support better outcomes for Māori. We are on a path to learn how we can do this in partnership with iwi Māori. 

The delivery of He Pūrongo is a key milestone on our journey to achieve better road safety outcomes for Māori, with Māori. Sadly, Māori are over-represented in many of the statistics reported on and this has to change. We are working to partner with Iwi Māori to explore risks identified in the report and work together to determine how to improve Māori road safety outcomes with Māori.

Through building relationships, we can work together to co-design culturally relevant road safety initiatives based on communities’ wishes and needs. Once we have an agreed way forward, we can then look at how we can support Iwi to introduce and maintain the initiatives in their communities. 

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He Pūrongo Whakahaumaru Huarahi Mō Ngā Iwi Māori full report [PDF, 3 MB]

He Pūrongo Whakahaumaru Huarahi Mō Ngā Iwi Māori summary report [PDF, 941 KB]