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NZ Transport Agency Statement of intent 2013–2016

This Statement of intent (SoI) sets out an approach and course of action for the next three years that will contribute to the delivery of the government's land transport objectives and wider transport vision. It includes performance measures and what is intended to be measured (and how) and details of what is expected to be accomplished. The document also includes full financial statements. The SoI is a statutory compliance document.

Download the complete report:
NZ Transport Agency Statement of intent 2013–2016 [PDF, 1.5 MB]

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Part 1: Statement of strategic intent

A responsible, collaborative and agile organisation

In order to deliver our desired targets and results effectively and efficiently, we continue to invest in our organisational capacity, capability and external relationships. At the same time we apply the highest standards to our decision-making and behaviour.

Responsible decision-making and behaviours

At the NZTA, we actively apply a set of principles to guide our decision-making as well as our day-to-day operations.

1. Engagement

We look to our local communities, stakeholders and partners for advice and input when formulating options and solutions, and incorporate that advice to the greatest practical extent.

2. Environmental and social responsibility

We promote an accessible and safe transport system that contributes positively to New Zealand’s economic, social and environmental welfare, and we are committed to acting in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.

3. Procurement

We promote an accessible and safe transport system that contributes positively to New Zealand’s economic, social and environmental welfare, and we are committed to acting in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.

4. Risk management

We are focused on minimising threats and maximising opportunities to effectively and efficiently achieve our objectives.

5. Scrutiny and transparency

We ensure that when making investment decisions, the same level of scrutiny is given to our own activities as we give to those proposed by approved organisations, such as councils and other investment partners.

6. Value for money

We are focused on continually improving the quality of our services, while also lifting the benefits to New Zealand of every dollar spent and invested.

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We have three behaviours that we uphold as an organisation

We sign up

Committing to where we’re going and putting our hearts into what we do. We get engaged every day.

We team up

Enjoying the people we work with and appreciating their talents. We find solutions for our customers with joined-up thinking.

We front up

Courageously tackling the difficult issues. We know our value and bring it to our work with confidence and good judgement.

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To provide the best possible services to our customers and stakeholders, we work very closely with a wide range of organisations, including:

  • the private sector to deliver projects and infrastructure, and view this relationship as an enduring partnership around a shared commitment to value for money, achieving desired outcomes and delivering on our shared social and environmental responsibility aims
  • the Ministry of Transport, which is responsible for leading the development of strategic transport policy and monitoring performance of the sector’s Crown entities
  • regional councils and territorial local authorities, who are major co-investors in land transport infrastructure and services to transport users, and who have the lead accountability for land use planning in New Zealand
  • the NZ Police, who we fund and work with to provide a range of road policing services
  • service delivery agents who through their 4000 outlets support us to process motor vehicle and driver licensing transactions, and we work closely with these agents to provide driver testing services, issuing driver and transport service licences, undertaking vehicle certification, registration and licensing activities, and collecting road user charges and other road revenue.

Who we work with

Who we work with View larger version (JPG, 82 KB)

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Towards greater agility – our capability development focus

We are building an organisation that responds efficiently and effectively to change, whether it is a change in operating environments or a change in the needs of our customers.

Change will require new things of us – new ways of working with each other, our customers and stakeholders, using new or enhanced capabilities and responding with more agility and flexibility to increasingly complex issues.

We want to continue to be known as a top performing government agency, with outstanding, agile people and systems creating transport solutions that add real value to the lives of all New Zealanders, their businesses and communities.

An agile, high performing NZTA will... View larger version (JPG, 180 KB)

Success indicators

Harness knowledge
Stakeholders' satisfaction with the manner in which NZTA makes decisions

Harnessing knowledge should improve the quality of our decision making, which can be measured from a stakeholder perspective
Internal staff perception survey on the accuracy and accessibility of our information

Knowledge within an organisation needs to be accurate, relevant and accessible – all of which this will measure
Create value with others
Quality of current stakeholder relationship

Creating value with others includes working with others to achieve joint outcomes. This is reliant on high quality stakeholder relationships.
Customer service satisfaction

If we create value with others we can expect to see an improvement in customer satisfaction
Continuously improve and innovate
Percentage of total organisational resources allocated to innovation and continuous improvement

This measure looks at the effort we expend on continuous improvement and innovation in relation to our business as usual activity
Staff engagement survey

Engaged employees are more likely to be creative and suggest or develop ways to improve business processes. This is the raw material of continuous improvement and innovation.

Results by 2016
Harnessing all our available knowledge to help deliver transport solutions Develop the skills to extract value from information through completing our information management strategy initiatives and embedding the people skills and expertise to leverage our knowledge in our people strategy

Actively develop asset management strategy, roadmap and solutions, support enterprise solutions, implement the prioritised projects and complete business continuity
Collaborate closely across the sector and with customers to create additional value An increase in engagement with partners to achieve joint ‘partnership’ outcomes as measured by the stakeholders survey

Achieve an increased focus on health, safety, wellbeing and best practice in the workplace

Complete the four transport sector shared services projects

Embed the principles and capability development aims for ‘creating value with others’ in our leadership development and workforce planning
Commit strongly to continuous improvement and innovation Increase in staff commitment to quality work and opportunities to learn and grow, as measured by the Gallup staff engagement survey

Develop a people strategy that supports capability growth around innovation and continuous improvement

Further build awareness and robust process around information security and privacy

Develop a robust and fit for purpose business continuity planning framework

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Statement of responsibility

The information contained in the Statement of intent for the NZ Transport Agency has been prepared in accordance with the Crown Entities Act 2004.

In signing this statement, we acknowledge our responsibility for the information contained in this Statement of intent, and confirm the appropriateness of the assumptions underlying the prospective operations and financial statements of the NZ Transport Agency.

Signed on behalf of the Board:

Chris Moller signature

Chris Moller

Patsy Reddy signature

Patsy Reddy
Deputy Chair

Countersigned by:

Geoff Dangerfield signature

Geoff Dangerfield
Chief Executive Officer

Paul Helm signature

Paul Helm
Chief Financial Officer

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