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Research Report 101 Pavement temperature models

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Temperature regime data from trial pavement sections at four sites in New Zealand was reviewed for the purposes of this project, which was principally aimed at establishing a suitable computer model for predicting pavement temperature regimes.

Reasonably good correlations were found to exist between monthly mean air temperatures and the monthly means of daily maxima, minima and hourly pavement temperatures. Correlation equations have been derived that should provide a useful method of estimating pavement design temperatures at any site in New Zealand.

A review was also made of the type of temperature information that is required for modern pavement design and the computer programs and methods available for predicting temperature profiles in pavements.

It was found that a simple finite-difference procedure set up on a spreadsheet could be used to compute pavement temperatures. Uncertainty in the material thermal properties, and the appropriate meteorological conditions required for input to the analysis, limits the accuracy of predictions. However, the comparisons of computed and measured temperatures allowed the computer model to be refined to enable temperature predictions to be made of sufficient accuracy for design applications.

Keywords: Pavement temperatures, bituminous pavements, pavement analysis, pavement temperature records

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  • Published: 1998
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