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Research Report 139 Seasonal and weather normalisation of skid resistance measurements

Published: | Category: Safety, security and public health , Research programme , Research & reports | Audience: General

This report presents the results of a research programme involving two phases.

The first involved limited field measurements to quantify the relationship between wet pavement skid resistance, as measured by the GripTester and British Pendulum Tester, and temperature for a limited range of road surfaces.

In the second phase, statistical methods, including analysis of variance (ANOVA), were applied to three long-term skid resistance databases to establish whether models could be developed to predict variations in skid resistance due to rainfall conditions, temperature effects and time of year.

A significant finding was that existing temperature correction procedures for the British Pendulum Tester were inadequate. Furthermore, the skid resistance readings displayed temperature sensitivities that appeared to be a function of the road surface texture.

Keywords: British Pendulum tester, GripTester, normalisation, predictor models, seasonal variation, skid resistance, temperature correction

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  • Published: 1999
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