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Research Report 014 Total mobility scheme: influences on costs and usage

Published: | Category: Transport demand management , Research programme , Research & reports | Audience: General

The New Zealand Total Mobility Scheme is a nationwide project to assist with provision of transportation for people with disabilities that preclude their use of public transport. Findings related to the costs of, and external influences on, the New Zealand Total Mobility Scheme are discussed. Field work was carried out predominantly in Auckland, although information from other regions was also obtained.

A total of 62 people from local voluntary agencies (and in some cases, from their national executive), transport organisations, local authorities and Government organisations were interviewed. This approach was supplemented by relevant reports, legislation, formal policies and practice guiedlines where available. Information was analysed to assess the cost and ridership impact on the Total Mobility Scheme.

The study found that increased cost for the Total Mobility Scheme is related to:

  • changes in Government legislation
  • cost reduction initiatives in some Government and voluntary organisations
  • growth in numbers of people with disabilities living in the community
  • growth in awareness of the Total Mobility Scheme by agencies providing services for people with disabilities.

Future cost forecasting indicates that Total Mobility Scheme costs will continue to increase.

Keywords: Disabilities, mobility, total mobility scheme, social services

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  • Published: 1993
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