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Research Report 145 Parking restraint measures and their implementation

Published: | Category: Transport demand management , Research programme , Research & reports | Audience: General

This project aimed to provide guidance on the development, specification and implementation of parking restraint policies for the major urban centres in New Zealand. The focus of the project was on peak period parking, and specifically on identifying impediments to the extension of parking restraint measures at peak times, and developing proposals to overcome such impediments where feasible.

The project included an investigation of the supply and demand characteristics for parking in the CBD/ inner areas of New Zealand's three largest urban centres (Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch); a review of international experience with the adoption of parking restraint policies; a review of traffic restraint related parking measures implemented in New Zealand; and, an assessment of impediments to extending peak period parking restraint measures in the three New Zealand centres. A non-quantitative assessment of the likely impacts of parking restraint policies was also included; however, the project did not compare the merits of parking restraint with other types of traffic restraint.

Keywords: traffic, parking, parking restraint

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  • Published: 1999
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